Tickets for spectator

Standard Ticket

You can buy tickets at the entrance on the day of the tournament. The number of this tickets is unlimited.

Ticket 19 January

1000-1500 rubles

Ticket 20 January

1000-1500 rubles


VIP Ticket

The number of this category tickets is limited. You can book them using web form.

VIP Ticket to the Festival

19 January

3000 rubles

VIP Ticket to the Festival

20 January

5000 rubles


The Scheme of the Concert Hall

Choose your place and fill the web form to book VIP Ticket.

Схема зала
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* VIP ticket is the entrance for the whole day.
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Vip Ticket
19 January 3000* rub
Vip Ticket
20 January 5000* rub
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